Quilts Every Day (QED) for Day 1

The Möbius Quilt has one edge and one side. Quilt by Rebecca Chaky, January 1997. The single surface is 12" x 180", but the quilt hangs 12" by 45". The binding was easy -- there were no corners to miter. However, there is no place for a label, as there is no back to this quilt.
Hatchet by Rebecca Chaky, machine pieced and hand quilted, 12"x12", 1985-1991. Other names for this pattern include Always Friends, Double Ax, Friendship Chain and Mother's Oddity.
This is a one-patch design, meaning that a single patch is repeated to cover the quilt top surface; in mathematical terms, a single shape tiles the plane. A special case of a one-patch quilt is the charm quilt, in which each patch is cut from a different fabric.

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